Sonic Repellent

Ultrasonic pigeon repellents deliver high-pitched frequencies that irritate and keep pigeons away. Most are marketed as maintenance-free methods of pigeon control as opposed to routine service provided by a professional wildlife control expert. Sonic repellents usually come enclosed within weatherproof housings and depending on the model can repel pigeons in small areas to spaces over 3000 sq. ft. Like electric tracks, sonic repellents provide a pigeon control solution that also does not draw attention.


Depending on the model purchased the ability to hear the sound emitted from the device varies. Sonic repellents often provide numerous features such as motion detection and frequency level adjustment. With a “set it and forget it” type of installation this pigeon control method can literally last for well over a year on a single set of batteries or charged when operating on “motion control” settings. This bird exclusion method does require time to become effective as a deterrent, with some users stating complete removal may take up to 30 days. Popular brands include Bird-X and bird B Gone with prices that range from $50 to cover small areas and patios to upwards of $3000 to cover upwards of 25 acres.