Pigeon Spikes

One particularly popular method of pigeon proofing and pigeon management is pigeon spikes. Attached to nearly every portion of a structure pigeons tend to flock to, pigeon spikes are a tremendously popular pigeon exclusion method as they make is difficult for the birds to make roost. Also known as bird landing spikes these devices do not injury the birds, they simply help the pigeons find other places to land and take residence. The downside however is that pigeon spikes need maintenance to remain effective at solving a persistent pigeon problem.


The initial affordability of pigeon spikes contributes to their popularity and they can provide up to five years of pigeon problem control when properly installed and maintained, although some companies offer warranties up to 20 years. Bird spikes are available in stainless steel or a UV resistant plastic like bird netting and are able to handle various weather conditions making them an effective year round solution. Nixalite is a leading provider of bird spikes and offers solutions for multiple surfaces.