Electric Shock

In some instances pigeon spikes, the popular choice for pigeon problems are not suitable. This is when property owners opt for electric shock tracks to stop pigeons from nesting.

Despite the harmful sounding name, pigeon shock electric tracks are not designed to kill the pigeons on contact. The electric tracks provide a non-lethal dosage of electricity that prompts the pigeon to want to find another location for nesting, rest or other uses.

The benefit of using this method for pigeon control is that it typically allows your property to remain pleasant looking as opposed to other pigeon removal methods. Additionally, there is essentially no maintenance or major cleanup required. The tracks are usually applied against ledges and other areas where the pigeons congregate.


BirdShock Flex Track and Bird Jolt Flat Track are two mainstream brand pigeon deterrent systems that provide both flexibility and functionality. The companies provide multiple connectors so you can have the solution installed practically anywhere the birds attempt to settle on a structure. They are both low profile measuring just a quarter inch high at their highest points. Additionally, these electrical track pigeon control solutions are available in multiple colors to help maintain uniformity and integrity of design and are hardly visible as opposed to other bird exclusion solutions such as spikes or netting.