Birth Control

Most pigeon control methods revolve around pigeon repellents and habitat modification through bird shock tracks, bird netting and other similar tactics such as removal of food and water. However, pigeon birth control actually makes use of the ways pigeons behave and uses it against them. With pigeon birth control, you remove pigeon problems by reducing the pigeon flock size with specially formulated bait that interferes with pigeon reproduction.

You can use pigeon birth control as a single solution but it works particularly well as part of a complimentary component within a comprehensive pigeon removal program. Considered humane pigeon management, pigeon birth control is an accepted way to reducing pigeon populations in all 50 states, non-hazardous and approved by both animal rights and humane organizations. Additionally, pigeon contraceptive only affects pigeons, so you do not have to concern yourself regarding the loss of other birds that you may appreciate.

Spread pigeon birth control where pigeons flock manually or you can take advantage of an automated feeder that detects the pigeons and dispenses pigeon contraceptive bait automatically 24 hours a day. The cycle of the bait lasts approximately 30 days and the pigeons must continue to consume the bait to remain sterile, otherwise more unwanted pigeons will pop up. A popular brand of pigeon birth control is OvoControl P and it is widely used in both small and large applications.