Bird Netting

Aside from spikes pigeon netting remains a popular choice for pigeon control and removal as it is relatively inexpensive and low maintenance. However, when choosing netting as a method to eliminate your pigeon problem make sure to use the proper bird netting materials. Homemade solutions, do-it-yourself bird netting and chicken wire are not appropriate for pigeon exclusion and can actually lead to serious issues, including vermin and disease. Proper pigeon netting construction consists of UV-resistant polyurethane or UV stabilized polyethylene with squares less than one inch in diameter.


Bird netting is a near permanent solution for pigeon exclusion and lasts for several years. Like the electric shock tracks that it can be used in conjunction with, bird netting can be customized to fit nearly any possible structure to provide a thorough solution for pigeon removal. Use bird netting as a preventative measure and as a means of deterrent for existing pigeons that have established a flock or nest on your structure. There are several bird-netting manufacturers providing products with similar performance. However, the important factor with this pigeon removal method is the installation process.

Hire a professional whenever possible and make sure that if there is any existing debris, feces or dead pigeons that all waste and other materials are proper cleaned and removed prior to installation of the bird netting. An enzymatic cleaner or disinfectant washing of the area to make safe for later entry or use by workers is also required. Lastly, if installation takes place near any type of service equipment such as electrical boxes, gas meters, air conditioning units etc, be sure to establish an entryway installation with a zipper or other human only type of control.