Pigeon Control

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Eliminating pigeons is a serious task. Understand that a flock of pigeons on a building is more than an eyesore. Pigeons can and will do large amounts of property damage if left unattended. Hiring someone to remove pigeons takes more than clicking online or contacting any random contractor. To ensure proper clean up and removal, you or the company hired must apply certain pigeon control techniques, otherwise the pigeons will return.

This is because of the pigeons’ homing instinct, which means that pigeons “remember” their home and come back to it despite your best efforts to keep them away. That is, unless the property is properly secured, defendable and the pigeons successfully deterred.

This is where the best practices come into play.

Best practices with pigeon removal means ensuring removal of pigeons on the property, both alive and dead. It also means eliminating methods for return, entry, re-nesting, cleaning any waste, biohazards or debris, repair of damaged areas (if necessary) and lastly implementing a working deterrent system that helps the pigeons stay away from your property.

Killing the birds should not be the primary objective when it comes to abatement, although some birds may die in the process of exclusion. Most modern pigeon removal methods avoid the need to kill any of the birds. If you encounter a professional or receive “advice” where taking the life of the birds is the first option, you should consider different resources to provide instruction on how to resolve any pigeon related issues you may have.

Not only is it inhumane, but afterwards the possibility of disease increases substantially when dealing with dead and decaying pigeons versus those that simply fly away.

Pigeon proofing your home or commercial property is a serious undertaking. When seeking out full bird exclusion services, you want to make sure that you select a company that follows the best practices mentioned previously. Bay Area Pigeon Control aims to inform you of the type of techniques a professional should apply when performing exclusion before you buy. That way you can get the job done properly the first time and save money.

If you plan to do it yourself, you can apply several successful methods. Retailers sell pigeon control solutions that you can apply yourself that often provide the same quality results that you would get if you hired a professional. No matter your decision, Bay Area Pigeon Control is here to help you through the process of solving your pigeon problem.